Monthly Subscription for – 400mg CBD Capsules – 30 Count (12,000mg Total)

$59.95 / month

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This is a monthly subscription for this product. Once you have purchased this product at a 50% discount we will charge your card monthly and send your product to you.

These are CBD isolate capsules each containing 100 mg of CBD. CBD isolate is a white powder extracted from the hemp oil. All oil and other material is removed leaving pure CBD. A sweetner is added ( Erythritol ) to adjust the concentration of CBD to insure 100 mg of CBD is in Each capsule. ( Takes up extra space )

Don’t be fooled by advertisements claiming “100 mg Hemp Oil” or any other hemp oil claim. Hemp oil can contain any amount of CBD from 0% to 50% and if the CBD content is not specified you will have no idea of how much CBD you are receiving in each serving and likely will have no CBD what so ever.

We produce capsules with CBD content from 30 mg CBD per capsule to 100 mg CBD per capsule. Contact us for other Mount Lassen CBD products.

CBD is the active ingredient in hemp oil that is beneficial. Hemp oil that is full spectrum contains lots of turpines and other flavor ingredients that have not been removed.

The Capsules are gelatin and are Kosher, and Halal certified and contain NO THC.

The bottles are double sealed with a paper seal inside cap and a tamper resistant heat shrink tube on the outside for your protection.

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